What is a fava bean?

Fava Beans are one of the worlds most ancient crops that has been grown in Finland since the Middle Ages. Fava Beans can be seen as a new old food as they have gained publicity as a trendy ingredient in recent years.

Fava Beans are higly nutritious pulses that contain up to 30 % of protein in dry weight. The high protein content is complemented by a fair amount of dietary fibre, slow carbs and B-vitamins. In our products we use the entire bean – including their husks – which increases the fibre content significantly.

Due to the protein and fibre content of fava beans you might not be hungry in a while after a meal. The slow carbs help maintain a more even level of blood sugar which helps keep hunger and the even worse ”hangry” at bay.

With fava beans we offer you environmentally friendly and local food that can replace meat entirely or only on occasion – according to your own needs! A plant based diet is suitable for anyone everywhere. A diet rich in vegetable protein is known to be better for you than one with animal proteins in abundance.