Everyday fast food

HÄRKIS® is precooked which means you can add it straight to your food and season according to your own taste. In other words HÄRKIS® is a perfect alternative to minced meat. The only difference is it needs to be added to sauces and stews right at the end to avoid simmering. HÄRKIS® can also be used as an ingredient for patties and veggie balls.

Our ready-to-use patties and fava bean balls need only be heated in a pan, in the oven or micro wave. Easy and yummy!

Granola is a great many things

Fava Bean Granolas can be enjoyed with yoghurt, quarg or milk. The granolas can also be used for a variety of delicious and easy desserts.

Ground Fava Beans – easy as pie

Our first consumer product, Ground Fava Beans can be used in cooking and baking as such. It is a perfect addition to a lasagne or different types of sauces. Note that the Ground Beans tend to thicken a sauce or stew which contributes to both taste and texture! By grinding the Ground Beans further you can use it for baking as flour.