Härkis products

Something for everyone!

All of Verso Food’s fava bean products are made in Finland and suitable for vegans. HÄRKIS® is precooked and a perfect alternative to minced meat – all you need to do is warm it up!

Verso Fava Bean Granolas can be used as muesli and enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack. Enjoyed with yoghurt or milk – every munch keeps its crunch!

Verso Ground Fava Beans are an alternative vegetable protein source. From soups and stews to pancakes and patties the ground beans are a sustainable alternative to soy.

HÄRKIS® Original

HÄRKIS® Texmex


HÄRKIS® Valmis! Kofta balls with creamy coconut sauce

HÄRKIS® Valmis! Beetroot patties & goat cheese potatoes

HÄRKIS® Burger patty

HÄRKIS® Valmis! Teriyaki WOK

HÄRKIS® Kofta Balls

HÄRKIS® Original Patties

HÄRKIS® Oriental Patties

Verso Fava Bean Granola

Härkis® Ground Fava Beans

HÄRKIS® Beetroot Patties

HÄRKIS® Original Balls