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HÄRKIS® Texmex

Ready to eat, high in protein, vegan, free from soy

HÄRKIS® Texmex is a pre-cooked fava bean mince. It is made from Finnish fava beans and is rich in protein and fibre. HÄRKIS® Texmex can be used in cooking as an alternative to minced meat. You can add HÄRKIS® Texmex to tortillas and salads straight out of the pack or to warm dishes right before serving. HÄRKIS® Texmex is also suitable for patties and veggie balls and a whole range of other dishes!

List of ingredients: fava bean (51 %), water, pea protein, rapeseed oil, spices, modified cornstarch, iodized salt (0,6%), vegetable extracts (onion, chili), molasses, stabilizers (E460, E461), vegetable fibre.