What we do

At Verso Food we enjoy coming to work because we know we are a part of something important. We want to promote healthy eating habits across the globe. We believe we can do this is by offering nutritionally balanced and tasty vegetable food. With our products cooking not only a mundane daily chore but relaxing and fun!

To succeed in our mission we need to be curious. We are always open for new ideas and new ways of doing familiar things. We are happy to lead the way for others as well. For us a steady and speedy growth is crucial. Therefore, we need to be as fast moving as the consumer goods we sell!

We are a reliable partner who keeps their promises. For us trustworthiness is everything as trust is one of the most fundamental elements of long-lasting partnerships as well in business as in life.

Regardless of the great challenges we face and all the hard work we do we also take care of each other. We are the Verso family and we look after one another – one for all and all for one.



Verso Food Oy
Jaakonkatu 2, 01620 Vantaa, Finland

Tomi Järvenpää, CEO